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Gulfcowboy: I own CZ Bolt Guns in both 22 MAG & 17 HMR. Both are very nice rifles and I really enjoy them and they are very accurate. I prefer the 22MAG over the 17 HMR. I have never shot a 17 WSM rifle, so I can`t help you there. My Son & I also have 2 CZ 527 22 Hornets that are just turley fantastic both will shoot 1/2 inch or better at a 100 yds, with our reloads. If You reload the CZ 527 22 Hornet ((( IMHO ))) is the best small varmint rifle you can buy. It is more powerful, longest range, most accurate, and cheaper to shoot. Than the 22 MAG or the 17 HMR. I shoot my CZ 527 22 Hornet a lot, for several years now and like it more every time I shoot it.
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