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I'm a .17 dissenter. I have a Savage in .17 WSM ($14.99/50 at wally world here), Boyds stock, Vortex scope (Crossfire I think). Bull barrel and replaced the flimsy polymer stock with the Boyds certainly adds heft, but she sure is sweet to shoot. Very accurate. But I'll gripe about the bolt. Its very gritty, like it needs polished or that machine marks are grinding against one another. Occasionally I have failure to feeds. The bolt won't pick up the next rounds 100% of the time. Some of this may be due to the Boyds. I had to dremel some material out to get the mag to fit. I need to get in there and hog a bit more out. Saying that, I'm still glad I bought it. That .17 WSM is a screamer and a hoot to shoot. One day I'll take it to my local gunsmith and have the action smoothed, maybe true things up a bit. I always smile sitting behind it!

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