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I'd skip the .17, it's strictly for varmints and isn't good for a "walkabout" rifle IMO. .22 minimum for that.

Does it have to be a bolt action in those calibers? What you're looking for the Henry .327 would be a perfect choice for the role if using the proper ammo, specifically .32 S&W Long and H&R Magnum for the low noise applications, .327 would be loud, but would blow them varmints up.

Ammo won't be as cheap as .22 Mag, but neither will .17 or .22 Hornet. Range wouldn't be as good, what distances you looking at shooting out to?

.22 Hornet isn't a bad price if you don't shoot it much, about 60 cents/round and Hornady makes a 35 grain varmint load in 25 rd boxes for a price of about $15.
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