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I only own is the .22 WMR Savage 93 out of all the cartridges being discussed. However, my picks would be if buying today:

#1 .17 HMR reason- Rifle availability/cost, ammo availability/cost, and ballistics especially drop and wind drift. I started with the .22 WMR before the HMR was introduced, but the .17 is what I'd buy today if I didn't own my current rifle.

#2 .22 WMR reason- Rifle availability/cost and ammo availability/cost

#3 .17 WSM reason- Ammunition cost and available rifles makes it lose to the smaller magnum rimfire rifles. I hate the handling of the B-Mag so I'd probably spend the $6-800 for the Ruger 77/17WSM.

#4 .22 Hornet reason- It is just more expensive to shoot even with reloading at current component pricing. I do think it's better for larger varmints like coyote than all the rimfire rounds, but like suggested I opted for the .223 instead.
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