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Alright, time to lob another choice out there. What about a .223Rem? You can get ammo everywhere, and get it cheap besides. Even the cheapest stuff generally shoots pretty good out to a hundred yards. Guns are cheap for it also. If you reload it's crazy cheap to shoot. I just got my first .223 put together today, a TC Encore (I already had a couple of barrels for it). It was a toss up between the barrel for the already owned TC, or getting a CZ527 M1 with a synthetic stock, or a Savage bolt gun. I just wanted an all weather truck/ATV gun to tote around on my property and choose the Encore barrel Not promoting the gun, just the cartridge. You can get .223 ammo everywhere and once fired brass is about free if you buy it, or totally free at a lot of ranges where no one wants to pick it up. Just a thought.
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