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I have a rifle in all of these cartridges. They are all super fun and capable of taking care of your varmits. And I have some accurate rifles in all 3 calibers. Being a reloader I am a huge fan of 22 Hornet. I am also a huge fan of CZ rifles in these calibers you mention. I have these calibers in other rifles too. But as far as consistency, looks, features, quality for the money, I really like CZ rifles. One of my CZs is 22 Hornet. Accurate at 100 yds beyond description. Reloading is cheaper for this round and fun to reload. My 22 Hornet feels like a rifle-rifle, and my rimfires are my rimfires. I hope that makes some type of sense. Now I know it wasn't asked about, but 17 Winchester Super Magnum is some kind of round too. I have one of these in a Franklin Armory F17L. Easily puts 5 rounds in a nickel at 100 yds using American Eagle 20 grn polymer tip. And plenty of power.
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