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The .22 Mag(Starts at around $11.99 per 50.) and .17 WSM($17.99 per 50. Won't be found in small places either. Very limited in bullet weights too.) are expensive to shoot rimfires. The Hornet is a reloadable centre fire.
Any rimfire requires you to try a box of as many brands and bullet weights as you can to find the ammo your rifle shoots best. Gets really expensive.
A centre fire you reload to suit the rifle.
For a "walking around rifle" nothing beats a .22 LR. If you want a bit more, go with one of the hypervelocity LR's like a CCI Mini Mag, Stingers or Velocitors(there used to be more hypervelocity stuff, but most have been discontinued.). You still have to try a box to see if your rifle will shoot 'em well though.
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