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The action length is the same.
The Manbun just lets you load those long bullets into an AR type magazine, without intruding into the powder space.

Single feed bolt match rifle, who give a hoot about an AR magazine?
It's this realm where the 260 outshines the Manbun.

The Manbun has evolved due to advertising.
Person X decided that if you overfill it with Pixie dust, and use the magic wand barrel, you can hunt T Rex at 8 miles.
In the case of the 30 PRC, pushing a heavier bullet faster, with the increased felt recoil, is not all together inducive to better accuracy. Quite the opposite actually.
Hence why the 6mm, and 6.5mm are doing better than the 300's and 338's at long range matches.

Donor action, barrel.... Load and shoot.
375 Ruger parent case. Form, load, shoot.
It's not as expensive as you might make it out to be, with "lack of factory rifles". At least you can still find reasonably priced 375 Ruger casings.
Try my wildcats using the 425 WR casings!!!
Then we can talk about expense... lol
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