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I modify a lot of Savage 10s. McGowen is one of the very best savage replacement barrels out there. Be careful with lowering the savage trigger below 2#. I install BasiX or Timmney triggers on many. The 6.5 Creed really doesn't need a break. A 11 crown on a 26in. 1/7in. or 8in. twist barrel for a 6.5mm is ideal. The 7.5 to 7 in. twist for a 6mm creed shooting the 105gr bullet. With hand-loads these will shoot 1/4 moa @100 on floated and bedded stocks. The Vortex Viper 6.5x20x50 BDC can be had for about $400 and is a very good scope for the money. This is just a few things that, in my experience, work.
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