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Originally Posted by Nunya53 View Post
Not to wade into a pissing contest, but I fail to see were the 6.5 CM did something the 260 Remington did not do. If I recall correctly, the 260 Rem was winning comps before the 6.5 CM was a gleam in anyone's eye. Unfortunately, Remington screwed the pooch on it's intro. The 260 is a handloader's dream, and I have both. I will submit there is not a nickel's difference between them and both work well in a short action.

The one thing the 6.5CM does that the .260 doesn't is allow very long, very aerodynamic bullets to fit in a short action and chamber appropriately for that purpose. I'm not saying that it is better, or that it would even be my preference. I would choose the .260 every time, especially since I reload. But if you like the 6.5s and you want to shoot really far, (and those are you're only two considerations), the 6.5cm makes the most sense of those three.

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