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Loaded up my first "real" full power batch of handloads and this time I sure felt them--ouch! Gonna have to add a pad of some sort to the metal butt plate--that thing stings when banging out faster loads.

Decided to try Hornady 300 gr HP's driven by Xterminator--which is a compact spherical powder. The burn efficiency isn't especially good, a few of the bullets exited with big fireballs. The actual velocity recorded was far less than either the published data or QL indicate. I've seen powders "slow down" in cold temperatures, it was 14 degrees though I don't know how much of a factor that might be, the volicities I was getting were around 180 fps slower than what the published and QL indications said I should be getting.

The groups got progressively tighter the more powerful the load was, with 62.2 grs, the top load in powder, turning in a good group marred by one (obligatory) flier (or maybe it was one good shot with 3 fliers).

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