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Can you explain yourself? I know the terms and interactions between components, so I would like for the benefit of my own growth to know what I am saying wrong, if you know.

Head space is a rifle manufacturing tolerance
It is never expressed as a tolerance. It is always expressed as a dimension....with a tolerance

"...As a reloader..." Cartridges do not have head space. Hence reloading has nothing to do with it. Nor can you adjust or fix bad head Space by doing anything to the case.
What do yo you call that dimension then? If we agree that the case fits in the rifles “headspace” dimension, what should we call that dimension? It is on every SAAMI dwg for the chamber and case. On the chamber side, it gets a symbol designating it as the headspace dimension. What is it called on the case side? I just want to know so I don’t take a 9 page beating every time I or anybody else discusses fitting the case accurately within the rifles actual headspace dimension... Also, you could teach Hornady too because they call it case headspace and sell a tool to measure it.

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