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I hope this is not taken wrong, everything has to be called something.

We live in a country called America not Columbus because someone gave him credit (and we can segue to the Native Americans who call it Turtle Island)

Unlike the classification of plants animals etc there is not standard other than what gets invented at the time a term is needed.

So, when cartridges were invented and a name was needed it got settled on head space.

One of the few documents we have good info on is the US Constitution as they kept great notes on the arguments (Federalist papers) as well as extensive writing by most if not all the participants.

Things get names for various reasons by various methodology.

Its as good a name as any and as long as we (?) understand its a chamber relationship with the bolt head (or rim to chamber) good enough.

Granted a lot of arguments about its so called mis use.

I contend as long as we understand what its under discussions and its relevance, that is fine.

In my world we tend to get down to some very detailed specifics. To me a Unit Injectors is a whole world apart from an Injection pump and there are two types of injection pumps as well as breakdowns in the one type of plunger injection pump.

In that case I would not dream of calling a Unit injector a nozzle because the parts guy is going to twist his brain and try to figure out what I am talking about and what I want.

Generically I can talk about diesel engines and injector systems and any mechanic will understand that. That is where we are as re-loaders in head space. We don';t need to understand the datum and crosses of lines that define the shoulder point that makes it (you can be arbitrary and come up with other spots on the shoulder to define it).

What we do know is that its an important piece of information and we have gauges to check it and ways to check the cases we size to ensure they work with that (or a number of chambers)
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