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MOBUCK I agree about getting the deer conditioned. The Friday afternoon before the regular Missouri Firearms Deer Season we had 17 slickheads and 3 bucks in the pasture within 200 yards of the house. This was very unusual with a bumper acorn crop. My guess was the hunters moving onto the lease next to our property got them upset.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in the Ozarks. I put in 5 hours clearing around one of my ladder stands. Cutting trees, moving brush with the tractor. Cutting the hardwoods into firewood. I guarantee this activity will not bother the deer, as I am using the tractor and chainsaw frequently around the farm. Fixing fence, feeding, etc they are used to smelling and seeing me around.

I had deer walk across my tracks going to my stand during the November Deer Season and did not act like they smelled me at all. I do stay clean and wear rubber boots. Wilderness deer would have probably alerted crossing my trail.

I am getting ready for the 22 December Alternative Weapon's Season. This was all clearing I had planned to do before the November Season, but due to a remodeling project on the house that had to be buttoned up before cold weather did not happen for the first half of season. I handgun hunt, so basically I have my season in two parts. I got an 8 point first season with my 7.62X54R (.308 Bore) Encore pistol. The December season I will use either my 35 Bullberry Contender or my 357 Maximum for my doe tag.

I still plan to swap out my ladder stand for a newly remodeled one. The existing Double-Wide was a First Generation with a much smaller shelf around it. The Second Generation version has additional tubing welded around it for a much larger shelf. The Second Generation Stand lets you get a much more solid gun rest. Important making long shots with a handgun.

Bob R

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