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"It's either that or all the increase in the traffic opening morning"
It's kind of funny (in a sad sort of way) that 2 or 3 days before the opener, city hunters start showing up at their hunting farm, Granpa's abandoned house, or the public hunting area(s). These guys are out in the fields motoring around in their high $$ UTV, setting up stands or blinds, scattering scent everywhere. With all that un-natural activity, of course the deer are going to notice.
I begin "conditioning" my deer in the summer and can often drive within crossbow range of even the medium sized bucks by hunting season(bigger bucks seldom tolerate approaching within 150-200 yards regardless). It's not "the traffic" it's the different patterns of traffic. I can even see a different response to human scent between the deer here on my home farm vs. the deer on our "north farm" where they don't get conditioned to human activity and odor.
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