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Always Be Sure of your Target

Originally Posted by Nanuk View Post
It is too easy to MM QB this one. Having been attacked by dogs on calls I can say that he acted as trained when dealt with a threat. Without knowing what the circumstances are it is impossible to say what threat level there was. He only fired twice, can't blame him for shooting the dog.

It is not good that he actually missed the dog and struck an innocent and the dog was just protecting the kids. I would like to see the detractors doing any better. This is one of those cases where you can't win.

Honestly? I grew up in an animal hospital. The owner of said animal hospital wouldn’t let law enforcement go inside unless there was a visible point of entry that was damaged. Loaded gun and scared of dogs? Not the best of ideas if entering a place where dogs do what dogs do: bark.

I think a lot of officers have no clue on how to handle a dog other than just shooting it. They don’t have the experience. The knowledge. Or really? Not to be mean...the care. Can’t really blame them for not understanding a dog. Most dog OWNERS don’t even know dogs that well. But as for responses? I’ve seen a taser work on a cow while riding with that vet. And OC spray sucks for a human. Imagine if your sense of smell is stronger than us? Taser on a dog is a good choice for an officer who has the option. Same with OC.

This incident though? I don’t know the specifics of the call. And that is the crux. And there are kids still standing around. It cant be that big a deal. This response was totally wrong. I watched the dog. That cop reacted like a word that starts with a P. Given that knew the dog was there. Called it out. I can’t really cut him slack unless there was something more threatening than a smallish dog there. Especially since his bullet hit a kid. And again...there were kids still in the house.

A dog that size? It Isn’t going to kill him. He has height. Backup on scene. A baton. OC/taser. Maybe even a blade. A bullet into a kid? That can kill them. And I have been bit. On the face. By a 60 pound bulldog. So I’m not just spouting. This was a bad shoot for sure. Bad tactics. Bad decision making. Punishment? Well. I think shooting a kid and someone’s pet is going to weigh pretty heavily on the poor guy.

And I’d chalk the response up to bad training and tactics. I mean...can I expect the guy to properly negotiate with a hostage taker? Defuse a bomb? Interrogate a murder suspect? Or do more than a first responder level medicine? Not without good training and experience with said training. Personally? I’d rather get bit than shoot a kid.


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