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im a member on all those websites I mentioned. 1/2 of them only load when they feel like it. key word here is dial up.
no problems on dsl or hsi.
but the homes I live in all work off old lines and are in 4 states. they are historic homes. and if any static gets in them, it wont connect or times out.
sure, I like the pic loading feature on the new system. its fast.

but if you can take inputs....increase your time out edit features. AND....a poster should be able to edit his own title. those are some real stick in the muds from other users on the sites using it already.

ill fight thru it and always try to come on line here, but odds are itll just take longer. and if it is hard for me....odds are youll lose a lot more not willing to try for good.
im just speaking from data ALREADY HAPPENING on other websites using this format. be ready for it.

btw, im a mod too elsewhere. I like v bulletin. its not broken.
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