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Originally Posted by stuckinthe60s
yep...xenforo. that's the one. I just went to some using it. took 30 mins to log on with some. some just timed out.
Can you help me understand why other forums are so slow? Are most other websites (,, facebook, twitter, etc) so slow you can't use them, either, or is it mainly other forums that are a problem?

If you're running windows 7, I can't imagine your computer is the problem, unless it's being slowed down by malware or malfunctioning antivirus software or too much software running or too many open tabs. Even a raspberry pi 3 can browse the web acceptably well for web forums.

I'll do everything I can to optimize and speed things up to minimize the difference, but I get a feeling something else is going on.

Are you really using IE11? Get the latest version of Chrome or Firefox, and install ublock origin. or respectively. See if that helps at all.
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