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Relays with 'Noid' lights let you find failure FAST!
Light don't work, change relay and if it still doesn't work start looking into switching.
Keeps the maintiance guy that is shaky on 'Multi-meter' testing on the right track...

For stuff like solenoid switching it's hard to beat for quick diagnosis, since ANYONE can do it, especially the guys that won't read instructions and can't read a wiring diagram.

Latching relays also help in electro-mechanical timing,
Case shuttle for instance, switch on one end of shuttle stroke allowing case time to fall out, without timer,
When shuttle reaches full stroke another activation cuts off shuttle solenoid and sprig pressure closes trap door and kicks next case (if case feeder is used) into the annealer coil.

On a turntable type annealer a latching relay kicks annealer on when case enters ferrite or coil, timer kicks off annealer at predetermined timing.

The annealing process is fast enough most times the case on a turntable can keep moving during annealing process allowing you to keep the case moving, and that allows you to rotate the case during the annealing.
Motion is easily converted, if the case stays moving...

The *Easiest* auto feed annealer I've built was a turntable,
Cases can simply fall into revolving slots, no case shuttle needed,
Rotating cases in annealing field is as simple as a rubber band or rubber tubing on one side of the case bottom,
Cases can easily pass through coil/ferrite without extra guides,
And cases simply fall out the bottom when completed.

Falling into a rotating table, falling out the bottom is dirt simple and gravity never breaks down! Got to love dirt simple!
With a case feeder like Dillon, the bushings for any size cases are available off the shelf.
I like off the shelf parts! Makes building so much easier!

With case slots evenly spaced, your micro-switch that kicks annealing unit on/off can be at ANY station from loading station to dropout station.
Low voltage gear motors are all over the Internet for cheap, and it's pretty simple to match voltage of the motor to voltage of annealing unit so you only buy one power source unit...
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