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Gina, I can draw up a working diagram if you are interested,
I'm not inclined to draw schematics, particularly for premade/bought components. Just too much time tracking down the correct schematic symbols and re-drawing them to avoid copyright issues.

Layman's working diagram simply shows wiring between premade components, with or without specific part numbers of those premade components.
The premades have power hook up points, if it has switches, shows switching terminals, etc without having to draw out every component on the board in schematic detail.

For mechanical components, that can fairly easily be pictures. Not sure that's entirely nessary since most people know what a 'China' induction unit looks like and what a Dillon case feeder looks like.

The highest volume version of case processor is going to be proprietary, but we are talking about hobby reloading volumes anyway there isn't an issue there.

Just depends on what you want to see in specific...
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