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I could be wrong, but I think I was the first on this forum to suggest ferrite cores...

So, I have issues with operating an iPhone and 'Snyper' thinks I'm going to learn HTML so I can build a web site?
And wasn't a collaboration the idea in the first place?
I believe you are correct as to the ferrite core. That said I really do not believe anyone has actually designed a website using HTML in decades. I believe web masters are pretty much all using what you see is what you get editor software.
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Automation: How much automation should be considered? Automated case collator and case feed? People as myself have little to no need for automation while people like JeepHammer have a need. I process a few cases and Jeep a few thousand.

Timing: Should a timer have a digital display? How many timing functions do we want? Digital or just something simple less a numeric display?

If something like this were tossed out there as open source (which I really like).

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