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As for 'Not Sharing'...

Lets try it this way,
Using Pyrex tube for case feeder instead of plastic tube,
eBay & Amazon sells Pyrex tube for cheap, and the heat rising off the cases doesn't degrade it like the polycarbonate tube sold with most case feeders does.

A suggestion for keeping the smaller cases centered in a coil capable of larger cases, a ceramic TIG welder gas cone,
Invisible to the magnetic fields, heat proof, inexpensive, available at any welding shop or off the usual online stores.

Now, I took these pictures, I own these pictures, it's my idea & equipment, and I posted these before, but I can take time & do it again...

Although it burns through my data plan, has me wading through the advertisements on photobucket, and generally takes up even more time, Ill post it again...

Also, notice the fiberglass wrap high temperature insulation on the coils.
Not my idea by a long shot, but a cheap, easy & effective way to keep brass from shorting across coils, or coils from shorting on each other.

The ceramic insert was aimed at folks doing one brass at a time, finger feeding, so the brass is centered in the a larger coil so it heats CONSISTANTLY all the way around.
It's just ONE idea that is simple & cheap, anyone can use it if they want to or have the need...


Now, when you crank out 250,000 to 500,000 a month, the processing, including annealing, gets a lot more advanced than dropping in one at a time.

Qualification is MIND NUMBING, and there is a very finite limit of how many cases you can physically handle & inspect in a day or weeks time.

This is part of a proprietary build, but I let this image out before,
And again, it's my idea, my build, my picture, so I can directly post it if I understand the forum rules correctly...

Case neck qualifier,
FOD check,
Primer pocket qualifier, including looking for ringers,
Annealing controller,

Not sure how many people will need to start at 3,000 an hour and do up to 30,000 an hour, but here is the 'Brains' capable of that quantity of production, capable of running up to 3 commercial processers at a time.

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