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Gina, please don't take this the wrong way...
Since out of all the people on this forum, out of the few of those that participate on the reloading section, and even fewer that have something constructive to input on this particular subject,
You selected me to single out...
I'm trying real hard not to take that personal...

1. I work a full time job as a mechanical design engineer & prototype builder,
I have a machine & welding shop of my own,
I design and sometimes build renewable energy systems,
And I also process between 250,000 & 500,000 Milbrass a month for direct sales.

I'm a busy person that posts at seriously odd hours of the day and night,
And nearly 100% of the time it's from a smart phone...
Now, it's really difficult to draw out either electrical schematics or mechanical or electrical diagrams on a smart phone,
In fact, from an iPhone 5, it's impossible.

2. There is a HUGE difference between an electrical schamatic, which takes a very specific education to understand,
And a working diagram that shows wiring and general components.
I'm not an electrical engineer, so I don't have a program that produces electrical schematic symbols like Unclenick posted above,
I would have to draw out all those little electrical schematic symbols in some kind of design program.

That takes an inordinate amount of time to do.

Now, considering it would take a trained electrical engineer, or a VERY talented armature to understand an actual electrical schematic, there are maybe two Orr three people on this thread that could make heads or tales of it.

There is no point in me wasting hours to a week drawing an electrical schematic that 0.01% of the general population would understand, and about 2 or 3 guys viewing this particular thread would understand (and those 2 or 3 are electrical engineers and could do it better anyway).

That's why I asked for a collaborative effort, the EEs could do the schematics in nothing flat and would be a better job than I would do,
While I'm fine with posting piscures of designs/mechanical explanations of what I did FOR CONSIDERATION, not forcing what I've done down anyone's throat.

Then there is the issue of pre-made components that are purchased,
How many people are going to blueprint that premade component and produce an electrical schematic for it?
(Someone with a LOT of spare time and very specific training...)

3. A 'Mechanical/Wiring diagram, by definition, is NOT an electrical schematic.
You would use an approximate image of the pre-made components and simply show wiring between the components.
You are still looking at about 5% of people looking at it that would understand it...

4. Now, this forum doesn't allow us to display pictures of the components we used or are looking at for fear of copyright issues,
We have to display links and *Hope* someone reading is inclined to go look at the picture, diagram, display or schematic.

There is nothing you can do about people that won't click on a link.

5. I'm NOT a photographer, it's not my chosen profession or hobby.
If the iPhone picture doesn't turn out, I'm probably not going to wast time or effort trying for better pictures unless someone asks directly for it, and then I may not have time.

I hope facts don't offend you or anyone else, This is just the way it is...
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