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I went with a digital readout timing premade circuit board, about $10 and is 1/10 second accurate with memory, has auto activate to start the timing cycle.
I simply put a micro switch on the shuttle solenoid so when the next case drops it starts the timer/annealer.
When the shuttle moves home it contacts the micro switch, starts one cycle, when the switch breaks the circuit the timer resets until the switch closes again.
Since the relays have NO and NC sides on the timer board when the cycle to mess out the relays kick the solenoid to drop the current case and that grabs the next case to hit the coil and start again.
For $10 it was the easiest/cheapest way I could come up with.
I bought extras at the same time so when one eventually fails I have spares, just don't popped them loose in the bottom of the case to keep track of them until they are needed.

My biggest expense so far has been the power supply(s) and I bought them surplus off eBay.
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