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I like my antiques for around town so I usually carry Ivar Johnson and H&R Top breaks in .38 S&W in custom holsters fitted into my jacket but I also carry IWB so I can carry one .38 S&W usually my Ivar Johnson hammerless IWB and then the H&R in a fitted holster in my jacket and then use the second holster for a H&R in .32 S&W. or I may substitute a .38 S&W Webbley or something else. I carry quick loader for what ever I am carrying on a given day

I also have shoulder rigs that I can customize to carry any of my black powder C&Bs or my 624 or my Automag.

What I carry depends on where I am going on any individual day and what I am driving.
You are hardcore!

Glad you are good with carrying antiques to save your bacon.

As for me, I will carry the most modern firearm and ammunition combo I can, till they come out with the hand held phaser!
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