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Competitive smallbore rifle shooters...

Have you heard of this?

I was in a gun store today. I noted a nice Winchester bolt action .22 It had a heavy barrel, nice wood stock with a medium-wide fore-end, and a block at the front sight location for mounting your choice of aperture front sights. It also had on it what I recognized as a hand stop, with two sling swivels on the front.

Now, it is my understanding that if you're shooting prone, the hand stop is permissible, and that one of the sling swivels is used for your sling or loop.

The lady I talked to in the gun store insisted that the handstop was meant to "hook onto a bench" when shooting competition.

I have never heard of such a thing.

Has anyone else? Am I off base here?

By the way...the same people had an Artillery Luger there--refinished, mixed serial numbers; a 1913 DWM that they wanted to sell for $2900.
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