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Yummy Deer Heart

Soak heart in water with a dash of sea salt over night in the fridge, rinse well before slicing making sure to get out all the blood. Slice heart in half, then remove all the tough stuff. Slice remaining meat in "bite sized" pieces, use your own discretion.

Slice a white onion however you like, I prefer about 4" strips.

Place skillet on medium heat, with just a touch of whatever cooking oil you prefer.

Start with the onions, don't let them cook fast, you want them to slowly brown and caramelize as the meat gets done. After onions have been in a few minutes, add heart pieces, and add some salt or pepper as you like. Once the onions have browned up nicely, add in some beer.

I always use a seasonal dark beer of one kind or another, with the best taste so far having come from St. George Brewery American Brown Ale (local brewery), but Blue Moon Winter Abbey Ale gives a very good taste as well that I'm quite fond of. I put in enough beer to just barely cover the meat, then turn the heat up a little to get the beer simmering nicely, but not boiling. Add in more beer if you feel like it, but you don't want to over cook the meat, it's really best at about medium-rare.

Serve with honey-mustard made up with some spicy brown mustard, or my personal favorite is our home made blackberry jam. Of course finish that beer off as well. Eat. Drink. Smile. Take a nap.


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