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Using Barnes bullets with other bullet data?

My reloading partner wanted to load some Barnes 125 gr bullets last night and didn't have any of the powders listed in the Barnes manual. His thought was that he could uses some of the powders he did have listed in his Sierra manual as long as he followed the 125 gr recipe. Not that I think this is of great importance but, he is reloading for his 357 mag. The reason I say that is because I believe my statement is going to apply to all Barnes bullets regardless of caliber.

I told him that he was nuts to assume that he could swap data based upon the Barnes being all copper. I realize that 125 grs of bullet weigh the same as 125 grs of feathers but that doesn't make things equal in the world. In other words 125 gr Barnes is a much longer bullet than say a 125 gr Sierra JHC. In fact, the Barnes bullet was even longer than 158 gr Sierra. I think if he were to stuff that long sucker in a case filled with W296 or IMR4227 he would be compressing the heck out of the powder even at a starting load.

I guess I just don't like the idea of what he was doing. If he was swapping data from Sierra while using a Speer or Hornady of equal grain weight then I would say no problem.....start low and work up.

What say you? Are my concerns legit?

Other than using Quick Load, which we don't have, is there a way to figure out how to use these big honking bullets with other powders not listed by Barnes?
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