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This is an excerpt from an article which appeared in the Daily Express, independent newspaper of East Malaysia, on 26 June 2009
"Lahad Datu: All firearm owners here are urged to renew their licences.... District Police Chief, Supt Md Suhaimi Ad Rahman said owners aged 60 and above would have to go through a health check first and then bring the reports to renew their licences. A total of 418 people here own the A License for firearms, which only allows them to own firearms, and 96 License B holders, who can carry and use the firearms."

So it appears carrying is possible, albeit not common!

I think this pdf document contains the current firearms regulations:

Another avenue of approach would be to talk to members of a Malaysian gun club to see if there are any "short-cuts".

Hope this helps. I don't know Malaysia but my parents worked and met there in the 1950s
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