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The nearly 38% who responded that they wouldn't ever retreat.
There have been a lot of points made for both sides, so I'll attempt to add something new. The above quote makes an inference that is not true, I voted that I NEVER have the moral obligation to retreat. What it did not say is that I would never consider the option and make a decision that might lead to retreat.

In a SD situation my only moral obligation is to take care of myself, my family, and to avoid injury to any innocent third parties. I am not obligated to retreat from a situation where I could do so safely IF someone/some people are acting in a manner in which deadly force is justified.

In Texas basically a violent crime directed towards an "innocent party" (or limited property theft) is the only justification for deadly force. If someone has done something to fit under that umbrella of pretty specific crimes I hope to be able to assess the entire situation and make a decision that is the most likely to get me and mine home safely without my actions causing any innocents harm. One possible action would be to hole up, take cover, and protect me/mine only without any aggression towards the actor in question...but again, I have NO MORAL obligation to do that.
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