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I wouldn't want to spend $189 for a Lee press of any type when I could buy a used RCBS Junior or RockChucker for $100 or less.
The only difference is the RCBS is a bare bones press for that price, the Lee turret is a kit at that price and includes everything including dies. The RCBS will also be 3 to 4 times slower, not a lot of fun when loading pistol. I don't know about the other Lee presses but the Classic presses are well built and very solid.

I am new to reloading and I went with Lee for a couple different reasons and to tell you the truth, I don't regret my decision one bit so it really shouldnt matter what you think, when it is MY MONEY.
Dan I agree. I have been using the classic turret for three years and it has been rock solid and never had a problem. I load four calibers and shoot competition and at a rate of 200 rounds per hour the classic meets my needs no problem. I have loaded on a friends Dillon 550 and while it was a very nice press I don't see the need to upgrade. I also don't regret my decision.

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