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You need to buy what you feel is a comfortable press. All of them do the main thing that you are looking for and that is press a [email protected]^m bullet in its case. You can do the single stage type and prime all your cases by hand or you have the progressive type that will do the de-prime, priming, powder measure, press and crimp. The main thing is to take it slow no matter which way you go until you have reloading down pat. I have shooting buddies that reload a lot more rounds than I do a week by using a single stage press and I have both. That is mainly because I do more gun work than reloading but they still out do what I can muster in my spare time to do on my progressive press. So it only matters to the individual that is reloading on what type to buy for their use, everybody will have their favorite brand or style of press that they like it's individual taste.
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