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" I am considering going with a Lee classic turrent kit from Cabela's. $189. What about the T-Mag by lyman?"

Don't do the T-Mag. I have it's predecessor and rarely use it. Good press BUT it added nothing to my reloading speed.

All ANY "conventional" type turret press can really do is be a funny looking single stage that stores dies. It's difficult and expensive to the point of being practically impossible to "swap" turret heads on a Lyman or Redding or RCBS.

Only the Lee and Dillion presses have easily swapped turret heads for simple caliber switches. Only the Lee heads are inexpensive enough to have as many as you may eventually want. And, if you ever expect to load for more than one cartridge, get a bench stand for your powder measure instead of trying to use it in the turret.

Dingo is right, a progressive of any brand is NOT a good way to learn reloading. There is so much to learn all at once it would be like trying to drink from a fire hose!

Lee's Classic turret is not a true progressive press but it's still pretty fast when you learn how and when to use its auto advance mechanism. The auto-index turret advancing system is easy to disable so you can/should use it as a single stage tool to learn on. After you learn step and have the die adjustments for it well mastered, after hundreds if not thousands of rounds, you will want to reactivate the auto indexing device for more speed. YOU will know when you are ready to do that!


Okay, I just now read the previous few posts and see that you've already gone to the Hornady system. Well ... I'll leave this for any others who may benefit from it.

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