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Probably shouldn't buy into the RCBS warranty argument but having had recent experience with them here goes.

RCBS warranty service is variable, sometimes great, no arguments just do what it takes to fix your problem. Other times they want you to ship them the offending part to check you haven't screwed up or trying one on them.

Bad enough if you live in the USA, hopelessly uneconomic if you are in another country.

Getting through to RCBS at present is something to test your patience. You need to be able to place your phone on speaker and go and do something else while you wait for about an hour, that is if the phone answers at all. At least it is a freecall in USA, I went through the value of an international phone card while waiting to speak to someone.

It has been suggested that these delays are because of the huge increase in numbers of people buying reloading gear for the first time and the subsequent demands on service/product questions. I'm not sure that is the real reason. I suspect the problem with RCBS is that much of their production is now outsourced to China and that the quality of their product has fallen so dramaticaly that people are actually needing to use the terms of the warranty. That is why I have needed to contact them recently. New products that were faulty or broke in the first few hours of use. Disappointing.
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