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Bro2, You're now suggesting a turret press, perhaps even a progressive. I don't have the Lyman turret but I do have a Simplex Master turret which is modelled on the Redding. It is a big, strong heavy and precise press. It is also the press I use the least. Just doesn't work for me.
Then you talk about a progressive because your friends will buy lots of ammo from you. Have you considered the legal ramifications of this. I wouldn't do this in Australia for "profit" and the USA is a much more litigious country. I suspect you would also need some sort of licence in some states.
A real progressive is not the press to learn the art of reloading on. It will quickly become a source of frustration because the littlest learning error is quickly magnified.
Despite what the manufacturers say about changing calibers, true progressives are best left set up for a single cartridge just like an earlier poster said, so that when you need a few hundred (or thousands) of rounds, you just turn on the radio, get comfortable and go for it. A progressive doesn't really shine if you are still fiddling with load development and the like.
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