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Hey Nnobby45,

You can reject any ideas you like, but that does not make you correct in your assumptions. CPTMurdoc's opinions and idea come from what I would guess is a fair amount of experience. Your statements come from what I would guess is a rather limited amount of experience. I may not have had the exact same experience as CPTMurdoc has written, but I find my experience has been fairly close to what he has written.

If you want to own and fly an airplane, I am sure you can buy and start taking lessons in a big multi engined jet. However, I can assure you that most folks start learning to fly in a single engine airplane before they move on up to bigger stuff. Funny, but that seems to be the view the military takes in teaching their pilots to fly.

In the case of an airplane, you probably would sell your Cessna 152 once you have decided to move up to a Cessna 172 or other bigger plane. Unless, of course, you had some real need for your 152. In the case of reloading presses, a reloader will always have a need for a single stage press even when he also has a progressive.

Reject whatever you want. It is your right, but I feel sorry for so many of the newer folks who jump right into progressive machines without learning about the craft of reloading. I don't suppose I could ever get you interested in loading cartridges with a Lyman 310 Nutcracker? No, I suppose not. You would probably never understand the joy of a Nutcracker.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile
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