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I see some are jumping right to the 550B. While it is a great press one of the best progressive on the market I personaly don't think it is for begginers.

You stated that you want a single stage press to start out with.

RCBS reloader special is a good low cost press. The Rockchucker is a beast and will last you for ever.

Redding makes good presses as well they cost more than others.

I am not a fan of lee products. Lyman also makes some good presses.

If all your reloading is 45acp I would look at a turret press.

If you buy a quality press it will last more than a life time.

My dad is still loading on a single stage Hollywood press that his father bought almost 60 years ago.

I have a RCBS Reloader Special and a Dillon 550B. My RCBS is small and still weighs almost #10. All you have to do is invest in quality equipment and take care of it.

I don't like lee because everything I ever owned that was lee either broke within 30 minutes of normal use or didn't work from the factory.

I bought a lee hand primer and 6 cases into my first reloading session it snapped in half. My brother had a lee press that 30 minutes after he starting using it again snapped in half. He was reloading 222 rem not a whole lot of force involved in reloading that. I had a set of universal shell holders from lee. They didn't fit but 25% of my brass the other 75% you had to beat with a hammer to get them in or out. I am sorry this is not my idea of quality products.
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