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David Wile
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Hey Dan,

I wouldn't want to spend $189 for a Lee press of any type when I could buy a used RCBS Junior or RockChucker for $100 or less. And I cannot agree with those who say get a progressive right away. Progressives are expensive and difficult for many people to learn to use properly. If you start out with a single stage press and then find you want a progressive, you will always have a need for your single stage press to do the many jobs that do not lend themselves to be done on a progressive.

Yes, I do have a progressive press and several single stage presses. In fact, I also have several progressive shotshell presses along with several single stage shotshell presses.

There will always be work to do on a single stage press, and learning on a single stage press is the best way to transition to learning how to use a progressive press.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile
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