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Thinking of getting used P225, need advice

My local gunshop has a used Sig P225 that I am really thinking of buying. I shot a .45 caliber Sig (don't remember which model, though it was a full size) and I shot it the best of any auto loader I've ever shot. The price on the P225 seems pretty good at $400. It has some holster wear, though I haven't checked the internals. The owner thinks it came from overseas, so its probably a police gun?

Do most Sigs shoot pretty similarly? By that I mean that when I shoot different S&W revolovers, they all have the same general feel/balance/trigger feel, and I shoot them all well. Is the same likely to be true of the Sigs (I ask because I don't think I'll be able to try this gun before buying, but my experience with other sigs has been very positive.

What should I look for in the gun, to make sure I don't get a lemon? The info on the net has been overwhelmingly positive for the P225, saying it is reliable and accurate. Is this mostly true?

Also, what is Sigs deal with warranties? Would they repair a used gun under warranty, or would I have to pay?
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