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Usually in these scenarios your brain is your first line of defense.
If you percieve bodily harm or death I feel it prudent to draw and warn the opponent. If that don't work, shoot him. If it's almost too late,just shoot him.He can't defend himself in court if he's dead.
Also you have to remember court,wonderful court.
Now I saw some posts where folks here have or want big bad magnums,big bad buckshot and howitzers for defense.
Well, the judge wants to find out if it was your intent to kill this perp or just stop him from doing a crime.
He'll ask what caliber,size of bullets etc and if you tell him you was using a normal handgun of say .40 cal with self defense ammo it'll look good for you.
If you tell him you were using super magnum nitro armor piercing blasters it'll help put you away.
I use #6 shot in my home defense 12 ga. and plain hollow point Cor-Bons in my .40 semi carry pistol. Buckshot judges don't like. Magnums judges don't like.
Always carry one in the pipe and always try to get away from the situation if you can.
If you can't, shoot em.
If you shoot em' make sure they're dead or they'll come back and sue you for damages.
There are many things to consider for the gun carrying person. The laws make it tough to defend yourself but it can be done if you USE YOUR HEAD.
KNOW THE LAWS OF YOUR STATE, and don't try to be John Wayne and clean up the bad guys.
The reason behind carry licenses are to DETER crime.
Yes, I believe you should come to the aid of someone else in trouble,after calling the police if you can. Cell phones make it easy now. Cell phones with cameras sometimes help even more. Sometimes you can deter a crime just by the action of taking a picture or video,the bad guy will take off.
I try to leave the blasting of bad guys to the police and military, but I will blast someone to save my hide or someone elses if necessary,after I use my head and think a little first.
Don't believe the hype!!!
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