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ditto on the local laws

Actual real life case here in Jacksonville, FL from a few months ago:
Individual enters an electronics store and asks for or insists they give him some money (depending on whose story you believe). When the store owner, named Freeman, refuses the individual starts to wander about the store. Store owner gets worried, and sends staff to a more secure area in the back and they call 911. The store owner is VERY worried, so when the individual makes a move for his waistband the store owner shoots him several times. The individual was NOT armed and the store owner was NOT charged with any crime.

The long and the short of it was the store owner BELIEVED he was in danger of robbed, great bodily harm, being killed, or any of the above.

In FL the laws (at least the way I as a lay person, interpret them) used to say your concealed weapon was there to save you or somebody else from being killed or grave bodily harm NOT as a crime deterent - - leave law enforcement to LEO's. If yours or somebody else's life was not in danger you had better not shoot.

New Florida laws beef up and expand the "castle doctrine". It allows the home/business/car owner more leeway in defending his/her property.
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