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Self Defense

If you wait for things to go south you usually waited to long at least that is the general opinion . If possible I might same something if not the way I understand it from all the LEO I have talked to is if the BG is there with a weapon the law looks at it as the BG intends to use it.If I where to walk into my living room and saw a BG with his back to me looking thru my stuff and saw he had a gun he would have bought himself a round in the back to say something by the time he turned you would be behind the curve ( and you'd probably get shot in that case), with a knife maybe a warning not to move ,make any sudden movements and you will be shot. If I catch him standing facing me his hands behind his back and tell him make any sudden moves and you will be shot do you think if he is in his right mind he'd throw his hands up probably not and if he did just by the movement being fast he'd get shot.Granted there are times to let them know they have been caught and there are times when you let the weapon do your talking every encounter is going to be different it's like emergency medicine in 20 years of working the street never found one patient that read the book same in self defense.If and when any of us has to shoot somebody we all hope it's the right thing at the right time. Cause if it isn't we stand to loose all we have worked for. But as we know every law is subject to interpretation by a judge and just cause it says this doesn't mean when it's done it won't say that. But like I said before what do I know I'm just a retired Medic. Be Safe Out There Kurt
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