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The author that you deride in this thread has a much better grasp of the use of deadly force by citizens than do you, Sum1 (Yet I'm also one of those who don't agree with condition 3 for an autoloader). The only time the ccw is used, to include presentation, is if one is in fear of the loss of life or in fear of grave injury...Period. A BG has you at knifepoint and it's your right and obligation to stop the BG with deadly force. I think you were very lucky to have survived your encounter with the knife weilding BG...and I just have to wonder how many other victims have come under knifepoint from him since then. I'm of the mindset that anyone who exhibits the behavior of having me at knifepoint immediately gets that behavior stopped with a center hit with a .44 Special. I not only see this as my right but also my me and law abiding society, in general.

You see, sir, I've already made up my mind about when to use my ccw and there will be no hesitation when it's needed nor will I pull it if not to absolutely save life or escape grave harm. It must be that "clear cut". There is just no room (nor time) for subjective "warnings".

---------OK, I'll refrain from comment of .22s for ccw...ouch!!! bit my tongue.
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