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What I am saying is I think the method of drawing a gun only when you are ready to fire is flawed and immoral. Why? Because you are surprising the BG with your gun and before he has time to react and get the hell out of there, you fire.
So I am immoral for not giving my potential murderer any extra time to kill me? Are you serious? "Time to react and get the hell out of there" they should have never put me or themselves in danger. Now I must decide to delay and possibly get cut/killed or fire instantly not giving the poor knife wielding bad guy a chance. I think I will error on the side of staying alive.

I was ready to shoot if the man needed shooting. If he advanced or did something stupid I would have shot him without hesitation.
You are very lucky buddy. If he had charged, you would be cut......bottom line. Unless you can hit the brain or spine of a deadly threat at full run. If you think that any carry handgun cartridge can instantly stop a human never mind a 22lr you are seriously in denial of the facts. One thing I can promise you is that the last thing you want stuck to you is a ticked off bad guy with a knife. Had this situation turned ugly and the threat decided to charge your decision to give a warning could have been a mortal mistake. I will never hurt a soul however I refuse to be hurt by a bad guy. If someone decides to pull a knife they better hope that I have some cover between us. If not there will be no warning. I can't afford to take the chance you did.
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