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Man... I was alone for 2 pages, trying to understand why everyone was saying I was being unreasanable. I believe forums work in a certain way, the first few responses usually indicates where the thread is going. In this case, I am wrong, the next person agrees, 10 people follow, I explain a situation that happened to me last year, everybody tells me I am wrong again, even a Leo tells me I am wrong and yet explains exactly what I was trying to say. people are pretty much looking at me as if I am an idiot who should not be carrying a gun. Finally, somebody agrees with me, Captain Charlie chimes in, and now everybody is beginning to agree with me. Is it the hostile way I write my posts? Or is sense finally entering this thread? Don't mean to be rude, but I could not believe some of the things I was reading. I would think what I was trying to say was common knowledge and that people would be on my side... I guess not.

cgraham and Captain Charlie have it dead on.

1. I was afraid that if I did not give the man my money he would stab me to death, considering he was 5 feet away and was threatening just that. I did not call the police because I didn't think it was necessary. The mugger was long gone and I didn't want to explain all of this to a police officer. I just wanted to go home. Maybe I was wrong, but I didn't want to complicate things, all I remembered was the knife the guy was holding. If it was under different circumstances, I might have called the police.

2. I believe Captain Charlie is 100% correct. And if what he and powderman say is true then the article is undoubtedly wrong. And that goes for the rest of you who disagree.
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