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Omega Blood

You are right the book in itself is worth the money, even if you don't attend.

Hunters are a good group usually, they just like to be right all the time. LOL
They want their rights but are sometimes forgeting others. I believe it is one of the reasons they find it hard to find land to shoot on, they are not that respectful even when given permission.

I was involved with a gun club for years. Board of directors, President, the whole nine yards.
The dues were not that much and when you needed some one to help at the range it was like you thought they were going to have to give up their eye teeth. It was quite an experience.

I have done further investigation since my last post. He never turned in his test to be scored when it was over, he threw it away. I asked him why, he said he would not be hunting and it did not matter. The instructor was baffled by his attitude, but he did say the class was pretty disruptive because of him. But, now this is weird, he (the instructor) said he could take it again

Good luck, and don't imbibe while at the location, that is a rule Drinking that is


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