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Its a difficult one really, he is growing up and part of that is starting to make decisions, not always from the viewpoint that he may have later when he has seen a bit more. I would try to get him to take a more middle of the road, dont condem it till youve tried it kinda route. But at that age everything tends to be black or white no shades of grey, so it might take a while. He also might want to re look at taking the test for his own education and benefit, never mind the idiots who dont live and let live, I agree with Art that he is a bit young to be fixed in his view, but it comes back to age and the no shades of grey thing. I hope you can persuade him to try again and ignore the others, but not just say "he doesnt believe in killing things" explain it is better diplomatically, to say he hasnt been hunting yet and wants to get the safety angle right before trying it. This is not lying it is avoiding confrontation.
I have daughter who loved to go hunting from 4 yrs old and eat everything we shot, now she still likes to go shooting on targets and stuff but doesnt hardly eat any meat except chicken and processed crap. but shes 25 now so I have to keep my counsel and be glad she still like shooting. My son likes eating the stuff but tends to prefer playing with autos to going shooting except when I pay the tab! and hes 36 so I get no change only short change outa him.
Better the man suspected of being a fool keep his mouth shut, than to open it and remove all doubt.
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