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Firearm Safety, Hunting Safety Class

I recently enrolled my Grandson into a class about the rules and safety about Firearms, Hunting and basics on firearms, Archery and other hunting equipment and how to stay warm and not get lost, etc. and what is important about following the rules set down by the state of California.

It did not go well for him. He was asked, like all the others there, his name and what he liked to hunt. He told them his name and said he did not want to kill anything he was there for the information and rules regarding it. This was at the start of the class.

That was a mistake. He caught a lot of flack and ruined his day, (or made it I am not sure). Most if not all were ragging him and caused him quite a bit of discomfort. A friend of his was with him who said he liked to hunt Blah Blah and had no problems, except he did stick up for the grandson and along with the attitude that developed it was unpleasent.

My Grandson did not allow anyone to run roughshod over him and gave as good as received. I don't think it helped in the Democratic process.

The people who feel that if you don't want to hunt you should not be in the class. Therefore it is their right to act like you are wrong and they are right or the otherway around.

I wish I would have been at the class. I chose not to since he was with a friend who is 19, and he is 17, I felt there would not be a problem.

I asked him if it hurt his ego and he said NO. It only strengthened his feeling about not wanting to kill things.

He mentioned the Tri Tip sandwiches were good, he had two of them.

Any input?

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