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Your finding that plated and cast don't measure up to jacketed, how much of a difference are we talking? 2" instead of 3" at 25yds, or 2" instead of 5"?"

Yeah, I would say that we are talking about going from 2"-3" to maybe 5"-6". Like I said, it doesn't matter for most of my shooting. In fact the only time it is a concern is simply when I want to see if I can come up with a real accurate 9mm load. I shoot a lot of 9mm for IDPA and use the plated bullets. I don't think the accuracy difference in that sport is significant. I own a number of 9mm handguns and was thinking about having one of my Browning Hi-Powers tuned for accuracy. If I did this, I probably wouldn't shoot plated bullets. In everything else, I probably would.
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