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How 'bout Clays?

I hope you don't mind me positing my own question on your topic.

I must confess that I am a lazy reloader when it comes to my handguns (my .30-06 is a different story--I measure each charge, trim the cases, experiment with powders and bullets, neck size, etc.). For my handguns I like to find one load that works reasonably well and stick with it. I have been using Clays for my .38 Spl. reloads to good effect (although it is a bit dirty), and I plan to start using it for my .45 ACP loads as well. My question is this: What about using Clays for the 9mm (whenever I start reloading for it)? It's pretty darn economical powder.

Well, it's off to the reloading bench to crank out a few hundred .38 Spl. rounds before I convert the Square Deal B to .45 ACP, something I've not done before (wish me luck).

P.S. BTW, I have read so many posts and articles in the past about WW231 that I may have to break out of my laziness and give it a try, along with the new, cleaner-burning Unique.
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